PT HEART is a student-led pro-bono clinic committed to providing physical therapy services and health education to the uninsured and under-insured of Genesee County. The clinic was established in January 2012.  The clinic seeks to create an environment of health and learning for all who enter through its doors by providing excellent care through evidence based intervention, patient centered services, patient care and education, and collaboration between patients, students, and practitioners.

PT Heart affiliates with U of M-Flint DPT program, UM-Flint's Innovation Incubator, and operates out of the North End Soup Kitchen (NESK). NESK is an ideal location to reach out to underinsured or uninsured individuals. It already has an established relationship with the community and is close to the University of Michigan-Flint campus. We are sponsored by the Physical Therapy department and we collaborate with clinicians and other individuals of the community. Please contact us for further information.

Students from the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program and students from the Health Education program collaborate on this student-led initiative.  We provide a free health screen available to anyone that includes blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight and body mass index.  Health education students can educate clients on health related topics and provide information on other resources available in the community.  Physical therapy services are provided by the DPT students under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.


  • Blood pressure, BMI, and health education is available to anyone interested on a walk-in basis. 
  • Physical therapy is offered every Friday from 11:30-1:00PM.  Physical therapy services are only available to those who are uninsured.    If you are interested in receiving physical therapy services at PTHEART, you must get a referral from a physician (see form below) and set up an appointment at our clinic.  If you have any questions about this process contact Samantha Robinson ( or Liz Padalino (
  • PT Heart Patient Referral Form


Faculty Advisor: James Creps, PT, DScPT, OCS, CMPT

Co-Director (PT): Andrea Koueiter

Grant/Fund: Dana Pechumer

Marketing/Community Outreach: Hannah Van Der Weele and Justin Diebold

Operations: Alison Martin and Andrew Doubek

Health Education Student Coordiniator:  Jamie Florida

PT Student Coordinator: Katie Bramble and Kristen Linck

Patient Liaison: Elizabeth Padalina and Samantha Robinson

Clinician Liaison: Deblina Deb

Documents/outcomes: Mia Kaartinen and Kayla Stockdale



If you are a physical therapist interested in volunteering then contact Deblina Deb (  We currently are only allowed to accept faculty member volunteers.  


First year physical therapy students have the opportunity to volunteer
taking blood pressure and BMI downstairs or shadowing physical
therapy upstairs.  First year students must volunteer downstairs
three times before they can shadow upstairs. Second and third year
physical therapy students can also volunteer downstairs
but also have the opportunity to treat patients upstairs. 

Health education students interested in volunteering should
contact Georgiana Logan at (

If you are a physical therapy student interested in volunteering
at the clinic please sign up at here.  If you are a
physical therapy student and have any questions
about volunteering contact Kristen Linck ( or
Katie Bramble ( 

PT Heart Donation Form

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Departmental Gift-in-Kind Transmittal Form
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Contact Person:  Reva Kidd

Phone:  (810) 762-3373

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museum collections, jewelry, precious metals and precious stones.  Conact the Risk
Management Office (764-2200) if insurance coverage is desired.

It is the responsibility of the unit to keep all backup material and track this gift. 
Each unit is also responsible to notify, in writing, the assigned tax representative
within 30 days from the date of sale or disposition.  Failure of timely
notification may trigger penalties for delinquent returns. 

For gift(s) valued over $5,000 - If any portion of the gift(s)
is disposed of within three years from the date of the gift,
the unit must notify within 30 days. 
Please refer to
for further guidance. 

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