Continuing Professional Development

The Physical Therapy Department at the University of Michigan-Flint is proud to announce our new Continuing Professional Development Subscription Service!  As a licensed Physical Therapist, you may be required to obtain continuing professional development units (CPDU) for re-licensure.  This is your one-stop shop for University of Michigan quality professional development offered online to fit your schedule!


Each 'unit' is considered equal to 1 CPDU.  Each session will consist of a content portion, an assessment portion and a course/instructor evaluation portion.  Successful completion of all content will result in the awarding of a certificate you can print for your portfolio.

        APTA Members:  $50 per CPDU
Non-APTA Members:  $75 per CPDU


If you purchase four (4) to six (6) CPDU, the price for APTA Members drops to $48.75/CPDU
If you purchase seven (7) to nine (9)CPDU, the price for APTA Members drops to $47.50/CPDU
If you purchase ten (10) or more CPDU, the price for APTA Members drops to $46.25/CPDU

Please visit PT Continuing Professional Development Subscription Service to review and purchase content!

Recent Changes for Physical Therapist Licensing Renewal

Health Link:  Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ■ Winter 2012 ■ Volume 12 ■ Issue 1

Professional Development Requirements:  Public Act 55 of 2009 requires licensees to complete professional development requirements (commonly known as continuing education) during the 2-year license cycle. While the Board of Physical Therapy will address specific professional development requirements through the administrative rules process, it is important to briefly explain the licensee’s responsibility once the administrative rules are developed and filed. This won’t be implemented until the administrative rules are in place. Approximately 60 days before a license expires licensees will receive a renewal notice at their address of record. When licensees renew online at, he/she must verify the professional development requirement has been completed during the 2-year license cycle. If a licensee checks “yes” and is subsequently randomly audited, he/she will be required to produce completion certificates or other required documentation to verify their “yes” answer. If these documents cannot be produced, an administrative complaint will be filed against your license that could result in a permanent sanction against your license. It is critically important to complete your professional development requirements during the 2-year license cycle and to retain your proof for one year beyond your licensure period. Information regarding professional development will be posted on the BHP website at as soon as it is available.