UM-Flint t-DPT Program in Nigeria

We set history in the summer of 2011 with our collaboration with the Nigeria Physiotherapy Network partners, the Nigeria Physiotherapy Association, and the Physiotherapy educational programs at the Nigerian universities with the admission of the first student cohort in the transitional DPT program in Nigeria in Fall 2011.

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Background Information

Currently, Nigerian entry level physical therapy education is a 5-year  baccalaureate  degree  (BPT) followed by a 1 year clinical internship. The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy and the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria (MRTRB) plan to transition Nigerian entry level programs to 6-year Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) entry level programs.

An online, cohort, transitional DPT curriculum is delivered using Blackboard online course management system with several courses in the existing transitional DPT curriculum adapted to meet the  specific needs of the Nigerian students. Additional education on private practice administration and  integument/wound care was added to the curriculum.  Seventeen students were  admitted and fifteen students are enrolled in this historic program.  A new cohort of students will begin classes in fall semester.


Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited institution in the United States or its equivalent in another country
  • Physical Therapy license or registration (or equivalent)
  • Overall 3.0 GPA or higher (4.0 scale) in the physical therapy degree
  • Current CPR certification (or equivalent) [if applying to a clinical specialization]

The Graduate Admission Office is ready to answer any questions and lend a hand with applying to the t-DPT program.

Application Process

  • Apply online or with a paper application
  • Application fee (non-refundable) payable to the University of Michigan-Flint
  • Copy of current Physical Therapy license (If license has lapsed, submit a copy of most recent license.)
  • Official transcript from the institution where the baccalaureate degree was earned and from the institution where the Physical Therapy degree was earned (if different from the college of the baccalaureate degree)
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate the applicant's scholarly and/or professional ability
  • International students must submit additional documentation
  • Copy of Educational Credential Review if educated outside the United States: FCCPT recommended for those licensed in the U.S. or Canada; all others may use an appropriate service such as FCCPT, ECE, or WES
  • English Proficiency