About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students with an interest in human health leading to graduate study, or career advancement. Because many students are drawn to the health care field, but are often unsure of which direction may be best for them, this degree was designed to expose students to a wide range of health science careers, while providing the foundational courses required for professional health science post-graduate work, such as physical therapy, physician assistant, environmental health, etc.

The minimum 124 credit hour interdisciplinary curriculum provides a sound academic base in general education, biological and physical sciences, and health sciences. Its flexibility allows students to prepare for multiple careers in health science. Several tracks are available within this degree: pre-physical therapy, environmental health, and general health science. The pre-physical therapy track is uniquely designed for entry into the University of Michigan-Flint's doctorate in Physical Therapy Program. The track in environmental health prepares graduates for positions in public and private sector settings, including local and state health departments; and in private sector positions such as chemical waste management, and workplace safety. The general health science track is available for students pursuing other health science professional programs (e.g., physician assistant, dentistry, medicine). For this track, careful course selection beyond the B.S. in Health Science requirements should be made after consulting the information available from the specific university professional program of interest.


Whether you are a new freshman or a transfer student, you must submit an application to the University of Michigan-Flint Admissions Office. You should specify Health Sciences as your probable field of study on your application. The Admissions Office can assist you with gaining acceptance into the University, transferring classes, and familiarizing you with the campus.

Once you have been accepted by the University, you should contact the Department of Health Sciences and Administration to schedule a meeting with an advisor. There is no additional application or admissions process to pursue a major in Health Sciences.


Health Sciences Program (BS)


  1. General Education  and prerequisite requirements.
    1. First Year Experience. UNV 100 . (Students entering the university with fewer than 25 transfer credit hours must fulfill the FYE requirement within their first academic year).
    2. English/Writing. ENG 112  or EHS 120 .
    3. Humanities. COM 210 ; PHL 162  or PHL 168 .
    4. Social Sciences. PSY 100 ,  .
    5. Global Studies. (3 credits selected by student).  PHS 331  recommended.
    6. Fine Arts. (3 credits selected by student). 
    7. Health and Well Being. (3 credits satisfied by major requirements).
    8. Mathematics/Finance and Quantitative Literacy. (3 credits satisfied by major requirements).  MTH 120  or higher also required.
    9. Natural Sciences. (4 credits satisfied by major requirements).
    10. Technology. CIS 128 .
    11. Capstone. (3 credits satisfied by major requirements).
  2. Biological/Physical Sciences (16 credits).
    BIO 111 , BIO 113 , BIO 167 . BIO 168 .
  3. Health Sciences (29-30 credits). CSC 151 , ENG 345 HCR 201 , HCR 300 , HCR 304 ; MTP 320  or MTP 321 PHS 302  or PHS 347 , PHS 315 , PHS 390 , POL 120 , PSY 313 
  4. Pre-physical therapy, environmental health and safety, or general health sciences track.

Pre-Physical Therapy Track (41-45 credits).

  1. HCR 119  or HCR 120 HCR 362 , HCR 376 , HCR 379 PHS 420 .
  2. AGE 350  or AGE 352 .
  3. CHM 150 , CHM 151 ,  CHM 252 CHM 253 .
  4. PHY 143 , PHY 145 .
  5. PSY 309 .
  6. PTP 201 PTP 413 .

Environmental Health and Safety Track (46 credits).

  1. PHS 420 , PHS 421 .
  2. CHM 140 , CHM 220 CHM 260 CHM 261 CHM 262 , CHM 263 CHM 350 .
  3. GEO 203 GEO 285 RPL 370 , RPL 371 RPL 485 , RPL 486 
  4. PUB 422 .

 General Health Sciences Track (50-54 credits).

  1. HCR 119  or HCR 120 HCR 362 , HCR 376 , HCR 379 PHS 420 , PHS 421 .
  2. AGE 350  or AGE 352 .
  3. CHM 260 , CHM 261 , CHM 262 , CHM 263 , CHM 330 CHM 331 CHM 332 , CHM 333 
  4. At least four from:  BIO 135 , BIO 328 , CHM 350 , NSC 209 , PHY 143 , PHY 145 .

Final course selection should be based on requirements of specific university professional program of interest; (e.g., physician assistant, dentistry, medicine). Additional consultation with UM-Flint biology/chemistry advisors is encouraged.

Minimum Credits for the Degree. 124 credits

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Health Sciences Honors Program (BS)


A. All requirements of the General Program in Health Sciences .
B. All requirements of the University Honors Program .

Prospective Honors Program students are urged to acquaint themselves as early as possible with the requirements above as well as with the particular procedures for acceptance into the Health Sciences and Administration Department’s Honors Program. See the departmental honors advisor or the Honors Program Director for this information.

Minimum Credits For the Degree. 124 credits

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The mission of the B.S. in Health Science is to provide a strong foundation in the health and human sciences for students intending to pursue professional graduate studies in physical therapy and other professional health science programs. The combined program components in basic science and health science will enable students to become effective and productive health professionals who value the diversity of the various communities in which they work and serve.