About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students for a wide range of entry level public health positions. The coursework includes the foundational knowledge of public health practice (epidemiology, health policy, global health) and reflects the values of public health: community engagement, disease prevention, health promotion and serving vulnerable populations. The program's major focus on health education prepares students to implement behavior modification and lifestyle changes for individuals, families and communities. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the competencies required to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam.


Department of Public Health and Health Sciences Public Health Program 


We are “Public Health in the Community.” Our diverse faculty offer a dynamic, community engaged educational experience to prepare public health leaders to work to reduce health inequities in underserved populations.


We will be known for our learning environment which is informed by the knowledge and experiences of our diverse student, faculty and community partners, who together develop achievable and innovative solutions to public health challenges within our city and beyond. Our solutions will be characterized by the synergy between multicultural local and global perspectives.


Diversity:  Our diverse faculty and students bring their highly varied ideas, beliefs, and cultures to classroom interactions, scholarly activities, and community partnerships.

Social Justice: Our students and faculty engage in professional activities to reduce social disparities and health inequities in our communities.

Ethical Practice: Uphold high standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness in public health research, teaching, and service

Professionalism: Model the duties and responsibilities of public health consistent with the code of conduct for the field.

Community/Partnerships:  Engaging in mutually beneficial community collaborations built on respect, trust, and personal commitment to improve the public health status of local and global communities.

Global:  Create an educational synergy among domestic and international students, faculty, and communities that foster learning and practice opportunities that improve public health across cultures. 


Public Health Program (BS)


  1. General Education  and prerequisite requirements.
    The mathematics requirement and ENG 112  or EHS 120  or HON 156  should be completed prior to other courses.
    1. First Year Experience. UNV 100 . (Students entering the university with fewer than 25 transfer credit hours must fulfill the FYE requirement within their first academic year). 
    2. English/Writing. ENG 112  or EHS 120 
    3. Humanities.  PHL 162  or PHL 168 , HCR 304 .
    4. Social Sciences. PSY 100 ,  .
    5. Global Studies.  (3 credits selected by student). PHS 331  recommended.
    6. Fine Arts. (3 credits selected by student).
    7. Health and Well Being. (3 credits satisfied by program requirements).
    8. Mathematics/Finance and Quantitative Literacy. (3 credits satisfied by program requirements);  MTH 090   with a grade of C (2.0) or better or placement into MTH 111  or higher also required.
    9. Natural Sciences (with lab).  (4 credits, satisfied by program requirements).
    10. Technology. (3 credits selected by student).
    11. Capstone.  (3 credits satisfied by program requirements).
  2. Public Health Foundations (45 credits).
    BIO 104 , COM 210 /THE 210 ENG 345 , HCR 201 , HCR 300 , HCR 304 ,  , HCR 368 , HCR 370 HCR 377 PHS 210 , PHS 315 , PHS 347 , PHS 420 , PSY 313 .
  3. Health Education Core (24 credits).
    HCR 203 , HCR 204 , HCR 379 , HCR 380 , HCR 384 , HCR 385 , HCR 386 HCR 387 .
  4. Managing Diversity (3 credits). HCR 362 .
  5. Electives in Health Care (6 credits). 
    From: AGE 306 , AGE 350 , AGE 352 , AGE 378 , HCR 363 HCR 364 , HCR 376 , HCR 400 , HCR 404 HCR 461 , HCR 487 , PHS 331 , PHS 421 PHS 467 .
  6. Capstone/Internship (3-6 credits).
    HCR 390  or HCR 490  with a grade of B- (2.7) or better.
  7. Approval of required Program Portfolio.
  8. Completion of Program Key Concepts test for assessment purposes. 

Minimum Credits For the Degree. 124 credits

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Whether you are a new freshman or a transfer student, you must submit an application to the Admissions Office. You should specify Public Health as your probable field of study on your application. The Admissions Office can assist you with gaining acceptance into the University, transferring classes, and familiarizing you with the campus.

Once you have been accepted by the University, you should contact the Department of Public Health & Health Sciences to schedule a meeting with an advisor. There is no additional application or admissions process to pursue an undergraduate degree in Public Health.



Public Health Honors Program (BS)


A. All requirements of the General Program in Public Health , with HON 156 , HON 251  and HON 252  taken in place of ENG 112 , COM 210  and ENG 345 , respectively.
B. All requirements of the University Honors Program .

Prospective Honors Program students are urged to acquaint themselves as early as possible with the requirements above as well as with the particular procedures for acceptance into the Health Sciences and Administration Department’s Honors Program. See the departmental honors advisor or the Honors Program Director for this information.

Minimum Credits For the Degree. 124 credits

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