Bicycles at UM-Flint

Hourly Bike Rentals
From May through October, bicycles and helmets can be rented by UM-Flint students, faculty/staff, Rec Center members and community members for $2/hour for up to four hours. Valid photo ID or MCard is required.

Academic Bikes
HCR 113 Bicycling on the Flint River Trail is an elective 1 credit-hour course offered spring and fall semesters. Bicycles and helmets are provided free for students registered in the course. Bikes for academic use may be reserved through the Recreation Center by calling 810-762-3441.

Maize Bikes (Amaizing Bike Share Program)
Simply pay a $5 refundable deposit at the Recreation Center to obtain a key that will unlock any maize bike distributed throughout campus. Hop on a Maize Bike and ride to another destination on campus, nearby business, or restaurant! When finished with the bike, please return it to the nearest campus bike rack. If you see a Maize Bike in a bike rack on campus, you may use it. If you see a Maize Bike off campus, please follow proper etiquette and let current user ride it back to campus. Maize Bikes should not be left over night at residences. Please report abandoned bikes or bikes in need of repair to the Rec Center at 810-762-3441. At the end of the season, return the key to the Recreation Center and receive the $5 deposit.

Walk & Bike Work Group

Students, faculty/staff, and community are all welcome to join the Walk & Bike Group Group. The mission of the group is to establish a walking & bicycling friendly culture at UM-Flint that fosters the support of safe, non-motorized transportation initiatives, policies, & infrastructures across campus & through the greater Flint area. Increased walking & bicycling will lead to reduced congestion on campus, enhanced local & regional transportation options for current students, staff & faculty, aid in attracting future students, and ultimately lead to a safer & healthier community for everone in Flint.

Get Involved! Meetings: 1st Friday of every month, 1 pm, Alumni Room (3rd floor University Center)

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Bike Registration
Bicycles brought to the UM-Flint campus must be registered with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Bring the bicycle to DPS in the Hubbard Building 8 am - 5 pm and the following information:

  • Bike serial #
  • Brand of bike & model
  • Color and/or trim color
  • Frame & wheel size
  • Style of bike
  • Other identifying features and/or accessories


Tips for preventing bicycle theft:

  • Lock your bike everytime it must be left unattended
  • Use a U-bar lock
  • Secure both the frame and wheels with lock
  • Detach the seat and take with you if possible
  • Park your bike on racks in well-lit, designated areas
  • Know where your bike is at all times
  • Avoid parking your bike for extended periods without checking on it
  • Keep information, such as color, brand, frame & wheel size, serial number, etc, to help identify the bike if stolen
  • Report immediately to DPS if your bike is stolen or if you see suspicious activity around bike racks on campus

If you have any questions about bike registration or bicycle safety, call DPS at 810-762-3335, or dial 911 from a campus phone, or pick up a red emergency phone.