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Intramural Sports Programs are designed for current University of Michigan-Flint Students and University of Michigan-Flint faculty/staff members of the Recreation Center. Recreation programs and facilities provide opportunities for individuals to act in and react to sport experiences which help them develop team-building and leadership skills. Intramural participation allows individuals to set goals, socialize, participate in physical activity, improve their overall physical and mental well-being and, most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Fall 2017 Sports ~ including co-ed Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball and special tournaments!


IM Volleyball
IM Dodgeball

Intramural Sports Mission Statement
Through sports we learn about our own limits and abilities, relationships with others, sportsmanship, and how to win or lose with grace and dignity. Athletics can help students transcend their individual differences, relieve the stress of academic work, and enhance the University of Michigan-Flint’s sense of community.

Intramural Sports should contribute to a student’s education and well-being. Whether at the academic, intramural, or club level, athletics should teach the value of teamwork, commitment, perseverance, communication and giving your best.

The University of Michigan-Flint Recreation Center’s Intramural Sports program pursues the amateur ideal in athletics by offering a wide range of activities for our students. The program exists for the student, not the spectators. The University of Michigan-Flint Recreation Center is committed to maintaining excellent facilities, an exemplary staff, and an appropriate balance between athletics and other aspects of student life.


Students/Faculty/Staff: To be eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports programs, students must be enrolled at UM-Flint during the appropriate semester when the sport is being played. Faculty/Staff may participate in the Intramural Sports programs if they are current Recreation Center members. At most, 25% of a team’s roster can be comprised of eligible Faculty/Staff. Eligible Faculty/Staff will not be eligible to participate in any NIRSA sponsored state or regional tournaments. Upon request, IM Sports participants will be required to show student, Recreation Center and/or personal identification.  All IM sports participants must adhere to Recreation Center policies, including checking-in at the front counter with their MCard.

How to Sign up

Build your own team or contact Ervin Leavy at (810) 762-3441 or email .

One member of each team must serve as the team manager. League rules and format will be covered at a managers’ meeting. Individual and team registration will take place at the end of the meeting. Bring the names, telephone numbers and student id numbers for all players to the team managers’ meeting.

Play schedules will be posted on the IM sports board, located near the check-out counter.

T-Shirts are awarded to the championship team of each IM sport.

Health and Injuries

Participation in Intramural Sports is on a voluntary basis. Participants assume the risks normally associated with activity characteristic of a particular sport. It is recommended that all participants undergo a physical examination prior to participating in any intramural activity, and carry some form of health and injury insurance. Neither the University of Michigan nor the Department of Recreational Services is responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in any of the events or activities. Neither the University of Michigan nor Department of Recreational Services shall pay any medical and/or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant. The Recreation Center is equipped with basic first aid supplies for minor injuries. Should an injury occur, that injury should be immediately reported to the game official, the Assistant Director for IM Sports, or the Building Supervisor.


IM Soccer

Sports Officiating

The Assistant Director of Intramural Sports is always seeking qualified officials. Basic qualifications required of Intramural Officials include thorough knowledge of rules, officiating mechanics, professionalism, poise and maturity.

Officials are required to attend the Captains Meeting for each sport and a mandatory, hands-on clinic before the Intramural Season begins. Officials are paid on a per-hour basis.

Interested individuals should contact Ervin Leavy, (810) 762-3441, or email