The following forms are required for new programs in addition to the new program form you must submit within Curriculog.

Budget Template Form

Undergraduate Program Proposal Form

Graduate Program Proposal Form

Curriculog will be available on May 1, 2018 for submitting curriculum changes for the 2019-2020 catalog. 

Approval Timeline for NEW PROGRAMS - Submission date on or before September 24, 2018
Approval Timeline for courses requesting GENERAL EDUCATION DESIGNATION - Submission date on or before October 12, 2018

Approval Timeline for REVISED PROGRAMS - Submission date on or before November 16, 2018
Approval Timeline for NEW + REVISED COURSES - Submission date on or before November 16, 2018

FAQ's for Faculty & Staff

Auto-Waitlist Function
Adding Online Between the 1st day of the Semester and the Add Deadline (10th day)

Summer 2018 Add/Waitlist/Drop Schedule
Fall 2018 Add/Waitlist/Drop Schedule



Reporting Non-Attendance and Last Dates of Attendance

SIS Grade Submission Instructions

I (Incomplete) Grades


Submitting a work ticket with the Office of the Registrar for issues with  My Degree Plan audits: