About CUR

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) is a network of research colleges and universities which support undergraduate research opportunities for students and faculty. CUR produces publications, sponsors conferences and workshops, and provides leadership related to involving undergraduates and faculty in shared research experiences.

For more information about CUR, visit www.cur.org.

Posters on the Hill

Each year (sometime in April. Dates are announced later), CUR holds their Posters on the Hill undergraduate research conference, allowing students a rare opportunity to present at the Nation's Capitol. Sixty carefully-reviewed student posters are selected for display at the U.S. Capitol.

Posters on the Hill consists of a full day of activities. In addition to the evening poster session and reception, there will be field trip opportunities the day before, followed by an evening orientation session with a light dinner, and morning speaker session with a continental breakfast the day of the session.  Students and their advisors will have an opportunity to visit the offices of their Congressional Representatives and Senators to talk about undergraduate research.

For more information, visit: http://www.cur.org/pohcall.html

Registry of Undergraduate Researchers

The Council on Undergraduate Research has established a Registry of Undergraduate Researchers, designed to match undergraduate students with seasoned graduate students and faculty. This is a terrific tool for students looking to build their research skills while preparing for graduate school. Access to the Registry is free for students by signing up and completing a profile. To ensure safety, the information provided by students will only be available to graduate schools directly involved with CUR. 

This registry has been very successful at benefiting students, graduate schools, colleges/universities, and prospective employers. For more information about the Registry of Undergraduate Researchers, feel free to visit: http://www.cur.org/ugreg/