No Cost Extension of Time

In the event that you find the research/project cannot be completed in the awarded time frame of 1 year, a no cost extension of time may be applied for.  The extension of time request cannot exceed 1 year.  No additional funding will be awarded for the period of the extension of time.  You may not begin a new RCA award while the current award is in a no cost extension of time.

To request a no cost extension of time please complete the form located on the RCAC site under the "Downloadable Forms" section. Obtain signatures and forward to the Office of Research for review and approval by the RCA Committee.

Change in Scope

A change in scope is considered an action that constitutes a significant change in direction, type of research, aims, objectives, methodology, delays or events of unusual interest that will materially affect the ability to attain the objectives of the project or meet time schedules as provided in the approved proposal. If such a situation occurs during your award period, please contact the Office of Research. 

Budget Revisions

With the understanding that the budget submitted with the proposal is a guide of expected expenditures, we do understand that situations may occur that the budget may need to be revised.  In the event that line item expenditures will exceed 20% of the total award amount in the approved proposal budget, a budget revision request will need to be processed. Please contact the Office of Research at 766-6839.


Any overexpenditure of the awarded amount on the research/project is the responsibility of the PI and the PI’s Department to cover.

Excludable Expenditures

Excludable Expenditures include the following:

  • Graduate research and dissertation writing for faculty and students
  • Computer equipment or equipment necessary to contain health hazards
  • Funding for organizing conferences or colloquia

Final Report

Within 60 days after the end of the period of the award, the Principal Investigator must provide a short report to the Office of Research, which will be made available to the RCA Committee.  The final report should include:

  1. The work completed on the project relative to objectives stated in the original proposal;
  2. How individuals (such as students, colleagues, etc.) and the community have benefited from the work;
  3. Any scholarly publications and/or presentations that resulted from the work;
  4. The relationship between the original timetable and the actual completion of tasks,
  5. A detailed budget summary including a description of any deviation from the original plans
  6. A copy of scholarly products (publications, documents, CDs, etc.) resulting from the project

PI leaves University

In the event that the PI terminates their appointment with the University during the award period, any remaining funds will be returned to the Office of Research and the research/project will be considered closed.