Will my submission be accepted?

As long as your registration form has been submitted before the deadline, you have included an abstract of your work, and have identified a faculty advisor, your submission will be accepted. You will receive an email confirmation once your registration form has been submitted.

Can I present more than one project?

Yes, you may present multiple projects. The ability to present the same presentation twice (i.e. doing both an oral and poster presentation for the same project) will be left to the discretion of the conference coordinators.

Can presentations have more than one author?

Yes. Where a group project is involved, only one presenter form needs to be completed; with all author names included on that single form. However, each student should complete a general registration form.

Do I need to submit a full paper of my research or just an abstract?

Presenters are only required to submit an abstract of the project during the registration. However, if you would like to have your paper included in the conference proceedings, you must also provide an electronic copy of your paper after the event (the submission link will be provided after the conference).

Will I have an opportunity to be published?

Yes. As a presenter at the Student Research Conference, you are eligible to have your paper published in the conference proceedings. Click here to view the Submission Guidelines.

Do you have sample abstracts I can view?

Yes. Please visit this terrific resource on writing abstracts. [credit to the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Can I request a specific time to present?

Unfortunately, no. Scheduling presentation times is based on the rooms we have reserved, the number of presentations submitted, the themes of the presentations, and faculty sponsors who need to attend sessions for all their students. Because of these and other constraints we cannot accommodate individual requests for specific schedules.

What equipment/accommodations will be provided for my presentation?

Oral presenters will present in classrooms equipped with Smart Carts, which should provide most of your technological needs. Poster presenters will be supplied with an easel, a 36 x 48 inch posterboard, and binding clips to mount your poster with. If performance or demonstration presenters require specific items for their presentation, please contact Andre Louis at alouis@umflint.edu or Mary Deibis at mdeibis@umflint.edu.

I am unable to present. What should I do?

Please know that signing up to present at this conference represents a commitment on your part. Much effort is taken to coordinate an event like this with the expectation that you will be attending. Unless you absolutely must withdraw for reasons beyond your control, you are encouraged to present if you have signed up to do so.

If you are unable to attend, you should attempt to find someone to present the paper on your behalf. If you are unable to find a replacement, contact Andre Louis at alouis@umflint.edu or Mary Deibis at mdeibis@umflint.edu. We will inform the moderator of your session or the person responsible for setting up your poster that you will not be able to present.