Registration and Presentation Guidelines


Student presenters must complete both a General Registration Form AND a Student Presenter Form. All other guests (faculty advisors, family, friends, and any other visitors) only need to complete a General Registration Form.

Prior to completing the student presenter form, students should consult with their faculty mentors and prepare an abstract of no more than 200 words describing the work to be presented. Abstracts that exceed this length will be rejected, as will presentations that have no faculty mentor. Where a group project is involved, only one presenter form needs to be completed; all names will be included on that single form. However, each student should complete a general registration form.


Oral Presentations

Oral presentations should be no more than 15 minutes in length. Ideally, you should prepare a 10-minute presentation and to anticipate a 3-5 minute discussion period. Oral presentations will be done in mediated classrooms which are equipped with a computer, a projection unit, VGA outlets for a personal laptop, USB connections, a document camera, and a DVD/VCR for your video/audio playback needs. It is recommended that you save your presentation to a thumb drive or a CD.

Poster Presentations

Posters sizes should not exceed 48" x 72" (4 x 6 feet). However, please note that only form boards of 36 x 48 and 40 x 60 will be provided. During your one-hour poster session, you will need to stand close enough to your poster to discuss it as others pass by. It is also recommended that presenters distribute hard copies of the research, summaries, or additional information.

We will be providing one easel and a foam board for each poster presenter.

The Office of Research can offer printing support if needed (for UM-Flint students only).

Performance and Demonstration Projects

Students can also conduct performances and demonstrations that include art, music, and/or drama. Wherever possible, performances will be scheduled with other performances and/or oral presentations with the same themes (e.g., Victorian arts, gender issues, philosophy of religion). The performance should last 10 - 12 minutes and not longer than 15 minutes. A brief introduction should be included with the presentation, along with a brief discussion period at the end of the presentation.