Project Title: Changes in Demographics of White-Tailed Deer in Chicago Forest Preserves Related to Culling

Faculty Sponsor: Karmen Hollis-Etter

Department: Biology



Project Description: Students will assist in organizing into Microsoft Excel tables white-tailed deer sex and age harvest data collected from 4-8 forest preserves in Chicago, IL.  Data will be used to reconstruct populations in individual forest preserves.  This data will be used to evaluate changes in demographics (reproduction) relative to harvest intensity.  Work will be conducted in cooperation with Research Biologists from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  Results will be published in internationally recognized scientific journals.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  1. Entering and organizing deer data into Excel  2. Create deer population reconstruction tables  3. Create deer demographic tables  4. Meet and communicate with faculty advisor and research investigators  5. Relevant literature search

Minimum Student Qualifications: 1. Detail oriented  2. Familiar with Excel  3. Communication skills  4. Conduct professional literature search (preferred but not required)  5. Interest in wildlife biology (but not required)  6. Interest in white-tailed deer ecology (but not required)

Proposed Starting Date: 02/18/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 04/19/2013