Project Title: Understanding mental and physical health across the life course

Faculty Sponsor: Vicki Johnson-Lawrence

Department: Public Health and Health Sciences

Telephone: 810.424.5628


Project Description: Disparities in health are often present both for mental and physical health outcomes.  Experiencing such problems early in the life course can influence the aging process and may be experienced differently across socioeconomic groups.  The objective of this project is to perform an extensive literature to investigate relationships between mental and physical health over the life course, and contributions to the aging process across resource rich and poor environments.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Review available literature on mental health-physical health associations, and categorize by health conditions -Summarize the findings within age strata, and across the life course -Potential to be involved with data analysis and manuscript preparation.

Proposed Starting Date: 06/01/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 05/30/2014