Instructions on Completing University Employment Paperwork (for UROP Students)



Federal law requires all paid and work-study students to complete the University’s employment process PRIOR to beginning any work.


1. Online application, UROP Contract, and Background Check


Students must apply for UROP positions online at: Start by selecting "Temporary" from the Regular/Temporary field and type "Flint" in the keyword job field to retrieve the postings in Flint. Search for the "ASST IN RESEARCH (TEMP)" position. Click on that position to view the requirements and to apply. To apply, click the "Apply Now" link in the upper right corner. From there, follow each of the steps. If you have not already created an account with UM Jobs, you will be required to at this time. It is IMPORTANTthat you use an email address you check frequently. **NOTE: You are not required to upload a resume for UROP.


After you have completed the online application, you will see it loaded in the "My Applications" section.


**NOTE: All UROP students must have a completed and signed UROP Contract (as proof of having a project) before your application is accepted.**


After submitting your application, you will get an auto-generated email from the University requesting your consent to perform a background check. Consent by clicking the link and completing the fields on that webpage (you will know the form is submitted when the Submit button is grayed out). The University will perform a background check. Again, check your email frequently.


2. Completing the I-9


After the University performs a background check, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to complete the I-9 online through Wolverine Access


Go to Wolverine access at . On the main page, click on “Employee Business”, then log in with your uniqname and Kerberos password (if you don’t have a Kerberos password, visit this ITS HelpDesk in 206 MSB). Click on “Personal Information”, then click on “Complete and Submit I-9 Form.”


Step to Follow:


1.   Select Faculty and Staff Tab

2. Click Employee Self-Service, and then Select “Complete and Submit I-9 Form”

3. Please verify for accuracy the following information:

  • Name (spelling): If your name is spelled incorrectly, please contact HR immediately.  Do not go on until your name is spelled correctly in the system

  • Social Security

  • Date of Birth

  • Current (US) Address

4. Complete the maiden name section (if ‘not applicable’, please check)

5. Select appropriate citizenship or national of the United States


** International Students on F1 VISA , please select ‘Non-Resident Alien’ authorized to work and provide Alien/ Admission Number as well as . See I-20 (end date for completion of studies). When verification is complete, submit by selecting “accept”.


3. Present Identification


To complete the hiring process/Form I-9 you are required to visit Tawana Branch in Human Resources (213 UPAV) and present the document or documents that establish your identity and employment eligibility. The most common documents presented are valid Driver License/State ID and Social Security card or birth certificate (original certified copy only) or valid passport.  Photo copies of documents will not be accepted. You may contact Tawana by email ( ) at or by phone at 810.762.3150.


4. Validate Employment Data


After you have done all this, you’ll get one final email authorizing you to start. The email will also have instructions on validating your employment, setting up payment options, and completing Tax forms. Complete those steps.

5. Tax forms and Payment Options

Tax forms:


To access the tax forms, please follow these steps:

1. Go to . Log in with your Ann Arbor password.

2. Select "Employee Business"

3. On the left menu, click "Self Service".

4. On the "Self Service" page under "Payroll and Compensation", click on "4 More" to see any other links not on the current screen. Then click on "W-4 Federal Tax Information" to do the federal forms and "W-4 Michigan Tax Information" to do the state forms. Simply review your address, the number of exemptions (the number of people you are claiming, if this applies). If you have additional questions about completing the tax forms please can contact Human Resources at 810.762.3150 or consult your tax preparer.

Payment options


For direct deposit:


1. Go to . Log in with your Ann Arbor password.

2. Select "Employee Business"

3. On the left menu, click "Self Service".
4. On the "Self Service" page under "Payroll and Compensation". Select “Direct Deposit”. Enter the routing and account numbers for the bank account to which you'd like your check directly deposited.

  To have your check mailed to you:

1. Go to
2. Select "Faculty and Staff Resources" in the far left3. Click on "Forms" under Faculty and Staff Resources4. Select and complete the US Mail Authorization form.
5. Turn the form into to Tawana Branch in Human Resources

If you don’t choose direct deposit or mailing options, your paycheck will be in the Cashier’s office on the second floor the University Pavilion. You must provide photo identification in order to pick up your check.

Note: You will not be able to complete either the tax or direct deposit forms until all other application paperwork is processed by HR.