Available UROP Projects

The following is a listing of the projects currently registered through UROP. As you review the available projects, please keep the following in mind:

  • Even if a project is specific to a certain major, faculty are always willing to work with different types of students. For example, a faculty sponsor in Chemistry may be interested in working with a student from Communications. Explore your options.
  • While some of the projects were registered by the faculty sponsor with a student in mind, you are more than welcomed to contact the sponsor to see if they are willing to add you to their project.
  • The start/end dates listed for each project may not necessarily reflect of the project's status. Unless otherwise noted, all projects listed on this site are active even if the start/end dates may suggest otherwise.
  • If you don't see a project listed that draws your interest, we encourage you to locate a faculty sponsor who may have a project you'd like to work on. Invite them to register their project!

Art and Art History

Community Outreach and Development

#UR320 (Cross-listed under Earth and Resource Science)

Criminal Justice

Earth and Resource Science



#UR255 (Cross-posted under Engineering)

#UR320 (Cross-posted under Outreach)


None currently available



No projects currently available in this field.

Social Work