1. Do I have to wait until I'm an upperclassmen to participate in UROP?  No. Many freshmen and sophomores decide to explore their options early in their academic career. At this point, they develop skills which will help them as they do research during their junior and senior years. It is important to note however, that some research opportunities will depend on your experience/course work. Depending on your field of interest, some professors may require that you complete certain courses prior to working on their projects.
  2. Can I work on a UROP project outside of my major? Yes. While most students choose to do research within their major, you can work on research projects in the any area you choose.
  3. How will I be compensated for being in UROP? Students participating in UROP can receive a stipend, use work study funding (if eligible), or earn service hours.
  4. How much can I earn from a UROP project? UROP allows a student to earn a maximum of $500 per semester during the Fall and Winter terms and $250 per semester during the Spring and Summer terms. Hourly wages generally ranging between $8 - 15/hr
  5. I have additional funding from work study and/or a grant. Can I still earn UROP funding? Yes. If you have work study funding or a faculty researcher is paying you through a grant, you can still earn UROP funding. However, UROP will only support you after your other funding sources have been completely used up. UROP funding above and beyond your other funding sources can be provided if available.
  6. If I run out of UROP funding, can I still work on the project? Yes. Please note that you will not receive pay for any time you work on the project once your award has been used. But you are certainly welcome to earn service hours through the University Outreach's Commitment to Service program.
  7. How many hours can I work a week? Generally speaking, UROP students commit between 1-10 hours a week. The number of hours students work is typically determined by various factors including class schedules, faculty needs, etc.
  8. How do I record my time? UROP students (regardless of compensation method) are required to submit bi-weekly timesheets to the Office of Research on specific due dates (which will be communicated to you). Before submission, the timesheets must be signed by the faculty sponsor or an authorized signer. In the event that a physical timesheet cannot be submitted before the deadline, the faculty sponsor may send an email verifying the hours you submitted.
  9. How many projects can I work on at once?  UROP only grants students one UROP award per semester. Though students are allowed to split that up between multiple projects (or split up their work-study, if it has been awarded to them), this is not a practice we encourage. UROP believes it is important for the student to make a commit themselves to one project at a time.
  10. What if I don't like my project? Talk to your faculty sponsor about why you aren’t enjoying the project. Discuss ways to make the project more interesting for you. If you are not comfortable talking to your faculty sponsor, you can address your concerns to our office. We will serve as the mediator in the situation. If the issue cannot be resolved, we can arrange to have you removed from the project and moved into one that best suits your interests.