Project Title: Production of an Immune Phage Display Library against Acinetobacter Baumannii

Sponsor: Jerry Sanders

Department: Biology

Telephone: 810.762.3041


Project Description: Acinetobacter baumannii and related species are gram-negative, aerobic rods. These bacteria are ubiquitous in the environment and have been recognized as causes of nosocomial infections. The proportion of these infections has increased over the past decade and furthermore multi-drug-resistant strains have emerged limiting available treatment. The purpose of this study is to develop an immune scFv phage library (complete repertoire of antibody binding pockets from immunized animals) and use it to evaluate approaches for treatment of Acinetobacter infection. This approach to treatment would circumvent antibiotic resistance mechanisms currently of concern. This is a multi step project with the first step to develop a phage display library that express on their surface the antigen binding pockets from antibody that recognize proteins used by the pathogen to acquire and utilize iron. The second step of this project will be to evaluate methods using these unique pockets to disrupt Acinetobacter metabolism or lyse

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  General techniques in molecular biology and microbiology, preparing and running agarose gels, streaking bacterialcultures on media plates,stocking back bacterial cultures. Preparing, autoclaving,innoculating and processing broth cultures.

Minimum Student Qualifications:  Bio 113 and concurrent enrollment in Bio 326 or 328