Project Title: Analysis of Awfucshs Community of Water Celery (Vallisneria americana)

Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Sanders

Department: Biology

Telephone: 810.762.3041


Project Description: We are working to characterize the microbial community that lives on the surface of Water Celery a nuisance aquatic plant that has exhibited a tendency to develop resistance to current herbicides. The hypothesis that we are investigating is: Are bacterial communities living on the surface of the plant creating a barrier to the herbicide? We hope to identify potential bacterial candidates and possible control mechanisms. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Use microbial techniques to grow and identify bacterial isolates, develop procedures for establishing  and testing slime layers for consistancies.

Minimum Student Qualifications:  

  1. Bio326- Cell Biology
  2. Bio328- Genetics
  3. Bio113- Principles of Biology
  4. Bio111- Organismal Biology
  5. Bio167/168- Anatomy/Physiology
  6. Bio135- microbiology
  7. Chem260/261/262/263- Gen Chem I & II w/Labs, Marine Biology expertise is a plus.