Project Title: Sampling and Monitoring of Rare Herpetofauna in Michigan

Faculty Sponsor: Teresa Yoder-Nowak

Department: Biology



Project Description: Several studies involving rare herpetofauna (amphibians and reptiles) will be completed during the spring, summer and fall field seasons. Sampling and monitoring will be performed on the following species: Blanding's Turtle, Six-lined Racerunners, Northern Dusky Salamanders, Red-backed Salamanders, and possibly Two-lined Salamanders. A variety of techniques will be used to study these organisms, including but not limited to: pit tagging, radio telemetry, visual encounter surveys, ethogram and mark-recapture with elastomer.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Students will perform sampling and monitoring techniques, minimally, as follows:

  1. pit tagging & radio telemetry of Blanding's Turtle
  2. visual encounter surveys & ethogram of Six-lined Racerunners
  3. mark-recapture with elastomer of Northern Dusky Salamanders & Red-backed Salamanders

Minimum Student Qualifications: BIO 327; preference will be given to students in the Wildlife Biology Program. Students must have the ability to work under typical field conditions during spring, summer and fall in Michigan. Students must be able to work well with others. Most studies will be completed as part of a team of researchers.