Project Title: Art History Program Events

Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Lippert

Department: Communications and Visual Arts

Telephone: 810.766.6679


Project Description: The student will perform a variety of tasks related to organisation of and research for events designed for the art history program at UM-Flint.  For example, the student might update the 'art history news' website for UM-Flint with content written by the professor.  Tasks will vary depending on which project is ongoing, but does not require special skills, other than being organised and self-motivated.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Update the art history news site, update the student symposium website, offer administrative support with organisation of art history lecture series, workshops, and other events.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Student must be reliable and organized.  Also, the student should be detail-oriented.

Proposed Starting Date: 09/15/12

Proposed Ending Date: 12/15/13