Project Title: Development of group 13 Orthometallated complexes

Faculty Sponsor: Nicholas Kingsley

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry



Project Description: In recent years there has been a plethora of research in the area of main group organometallic catalysts incorporating calcium, magnesium, and aluminum.  Our research group has particular interest in the use of organoaluminum complexes in organic transformations.  Recently we have started investigating the use of arylimine ligands as a support framework for aluminum alkyls.  This ligand framework offers a unique electronic structure compared to commonly used N,N, N,O,N, and N,N,N ligands that are drawing increasing attention.  The synthetic route to these imine ligands also allows for great flexibility and control in electronic and structural properties.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Basic organic chemistry synthesis. Basic organic chemistry characterization. Scientific writing and literature searching. Basic organic chemistry synthesis.  Basic organic chemistry characterization. Scientific writing and literature searching.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Completion of second semester of Organic Chemistry CHM 332 and CHM333