Project Title: CCN literature review

Faculty Sponsor: Jami Anderson

Department: Philosophy

Telephone: 810.762.3380


Project Description:1) Search online for all professional, academic journals publishing papers on topics concerning cognition and/or neuroethics.  These journals may be either interdisciplinary or aimed at a single academic discipline, such as philosophy or psychology. 2) Review all research interests of all faculty at UM-Flint and collect names and research interests of all those who research and/or publish in areas relevant to cognition and/or neuroethics.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 1) internet searching, 2) reviewing UM-Flint faculty research/academic interests, 3) creating documents detailing results of internet searches

Minimum Student Qualifications: 1) able to use a computer, 2) able to create work/pdf documents, 3) able to type, 4) have knowledge of cognition and neuroethics, as well as related and relevant subjects 

Proposed Starting Date: 06/01/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 12/01/2013