Project Title: Analysis of risk factors of falls in older cancer survivors

Faculty Sponsor: Min Hui Huang

Department: Physical Therapy

Telephone: 810.237.6668


Project Description: This project is to analyze the risk factor profiles of falls among older cancer survivors.  The objectives are to find out what types of balance impairments may be associated with an increased risk of falls in this population.  The participants will receive two sessions of physical therapy assessment.   High-tech equipment, including high speed cameras and force plates will also be used to collect data during the experiment.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

  1. Assist in scheduling and calling participants.
  2. Assist in assessment and data collection.
  3. Assist in data entry.

Minimum Student Qualifications:

  1. Individuals who would like to pursue a career in health-related fields or biomedical engineering.
  2. Individuals who are proficient using computer software, such as Excel and Word.
  3. Individuals with good verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Individuals with good work ethics and interpersonal skills.
  5. Individuals in good academic standing and professional conduct.

Proposed Starting Date: 09/01/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 12/10/2013