Project Title: Contributions and Text Connections: Fostering Studiousness

Faculty Sponsor: Christine Kenney

Department: Education

Telephone: 810.766.6656


Project Description: Please see the uploaded document attached.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student will be required to attend every ECE 200: Child Development and Learning course meeting.  The course meets on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-12:15.  Therefore, availability during this time is crucial. In addition, I would like to meet with the student briefly after every course. The primary responsibility of the UROP student will be to help with data collection during the course meetings. I will be instructing so it will be up to the student to collect data.  A key component of the study is to track student engagement in course discussions. The UROP student will be trained to track student comments and make notes attached to these comments. In addition, the student will be asked to help with the literature search for the project and may also help with preliminary data analysis.

Minimum Student Qualifications: 2 semesters of GIS course work or 1 year of practical GIS knowledge.