Project Title: Triple Bottom Line Consequences of Green Supply Chain Strategy

Faculty Sponsor: Dave Nelson

Department: School of Management



Project Description: Seeking assistance with survey questionnaire screening and deployment. This is not a phone survey. The research assistants (RAs) would call company contacts from a list of personnel provided to them from different firms throughout the Midwestern US to see if selected staff members are willing to participate in a study related to their field of business. The electronic survey will be completed by the contact, taking about 20 minutes of their time. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  During the brief call of approximately 5 minutes, the RAs will describe the purpose of the survey, provide a general outline of the logistics and answer any questions the contact may have. When the contact agrees to take the survey, the RA will immediately electronically route it to them. An ongoing list of those willing to take the survey will be kept electronically by the RAs. The Survey Administrator will periodically check in with the RAs to see if there are any questions and get any updates.

Minimum Student Qualifications:  

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Comfort level with working on a computer
  3. Comfort level with talking on the phone to staff in a business setting
  4. Ability to work independently.
  5. All work will be performed at U of M – Flint in designated areas in the School of Management.

Proposed Starting Date: 09/01/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 04/30/2014