Project Title: Dance Research Project 

Faculty Sponsor: Adesola Akinleye

Department: Theatre and Dance



Project Description: During the Fall 2013 & Winter 2014 semesters, Choreography & Dance Repertory  courses will be doing on site composition and movement research in community settings such as old peoples homes and schools.  As this is a community outreach project, duties will include the transport of interview equipment, helping in recording of interviews and recording of movement composition. Post these visits, the data gathered from the movement research will be composed as a paper and performance piece. For this aspect of the project, student research assistants will engage in historical research of different cultural experiences with movement.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Student will assist faculty to research, design, construction and maintenance of the research/movement-research in to different cultural experiences with movement. They will also be helping with transcripts, proof reading & editing, and organising data. 

Minimum Student Qualifications: Minimum qualifications include senior status, dance minor or major in theatre or dance. 

Proposed Starting Date: 09/03/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 04/21/2014