Project Title: Linear Algebra and Class Groups

Faculty Sponsor: Cameron McLeman

Department: Mathematics

Telephone: 810.237.6689


Project Description: Students will use linear algebra to explore the 2-rank and 4-rank of class groups of complex quadratic number fields.  In addition to doing mathematical research in the sense of coming up with conjectures and making attempts to give formal rigorous proofs of their ideas, students will likely have to use the computer software SAGE to generate data.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  

  1. Mathematical research.
  2. Literature search.
  3. SAGE programming
  4. Write reports in LaTeX

Minimum Student Qualifications: Should be fluent in the mathematics of linear algebra, as is covered by MTH 220 and MTH 329, and modern algebra as covered by MTH 328.  Student should be fluent in the typesetting software LaTeX, and in particular the tikz package.  

Proposed Starting Date: 10/01/2013

Proposed Ending Date: 05/01/2014