Project Title: Grand Blanc Community Survey

Faculty Sponsor: Paula Nas

Department: Economics

Telephone: 810.762.3280


Project Description: With the recent improvement in the economy and the increased interest in economic development and public service and infrastructure upgrades, many municipalities, including the City of Grand Blanc, are left to speculate on what the desires and priorities of its citizens are.  One way to gather that information is through a community survey. I will be working collaboratively with the City of Grand Blanc administration, staff, and City Council, to conduct an online survey to gauge residents’ attitudes toward a number of issues, ranging from public services to community development and infrastructure With the advice of Andre Louis, our Qualtrics expert, I will work with two UROP students to design the survey instrument, incorporating specific questions that Grand Blanc policy makers would like to see included.  I will also have 3-5 students from Grand Blanc High School Advanced Placement Government and Economic s courses participate in the project.  My students at UM-Flint will be the liaison, thereby creating a mutually beneficial relationship between our students and the high school students, with our students acting as mentors to the younger ones.  There will be a link on the City of Grand Blanc’s website for residents to take the survey.  Once the results have been collected, all of the students (UM-Flint and Grand Blanc High School) will assist me in tabulating the results, compiling the reports, and presenting them to Grand Blanc City Council.  The survey project proposal has been approved by the Grand Blanc City Manager and City Council, and they are very eager to participate.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Two UROP students will research other community surveys that have been done, assist me in designing the survey instrument in consultation with the City of Grand Blanc officials, tabulating results, preparing the reports, and presenting the findings to Grand Blanc City Council.  Throughout this process they will also be working with the student researchers from Grand Blanc High School.

Minimum Student Qualifications: 

Proposed Starting Date: 01/01/2014

Proposed Ending Date: 04/01/2014