Project Title: Editing an original collection of  Twelve Short Stories - "My Mama Pays Your Taxes" and Other Stories.

Faculty Sponsor: Ernest Emenyonu

Department: Africana Studies

Telephone: 810.762.3353


Project Description: The project involves the selection, editing, and preparation for publication, 12 original  short stories set in the United States and Nigeria, characterized by their rich, often humorous  multicultural insights that entertain as they instruct on  important moral lessons in trans national and cross-cultural situations and human relationships. The lead story sets the tone of the collection. Set in the deep south of the United States during the tense periods of discrimination and segregation, the story touches on issues of race, and racial stereoypes which impede inter-personal relationships and rational behavior. The 'curtain' unveils gradually providing enlightenment and awareness often through  humorous ironic  twists and developments.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Typing selected short stories, proof-reading typed materials, and organizing manuscript to be sent to a prospective publisher.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Competence in computer work--fast and accurate typing and proof-reading.

Proposed Starting Date: 01/01/2014

Proposed Ending Date: 04/01/2014