Project Title: Designing hair snares for non-invasively collecting DNA from wildlife

Faculty Sponsor: Jill Witt

Department: Biology



Project Description:  For this project we will be designing, building, and testing hair snares as a means to collect DNA samples from American marten, a small carnivore wildlife species belonging to the weasel family. Hair snares are common tool used by researchers to collect DNA non-invasively from wildlife. They are considered non-invasive because they can be used to collect samples, like hair, without having to physically handling the animal, thereby minimizing human disturbance. Hair snares will be used part of a larger study to assess population, distribution, and genetic diversity of American marten in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Students will work closely with faculty and staff in Biology and Engineering to design, build, and test prototype hair snares. Students must be familiar with design, CAD tools and be familiar with general shop tools such are saws, drills, etc.

Minimum Qualifications: None listed.