Project Title: Scanning Electron Microscopy of Ciliated Cells

Faculty Sponsor: Frank Miskevich

Department: Biology

Telephone: 810.762.3360


Project Description: This project involves using scanning electron microscopy to analyze the morphology and number of cilia on cells.  Students will culture cells under several conditions using various drugs and genetically modified cells to learn about the role of particular proteins in the formation and function of cilia.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  

  1. mammalian cell culture
  2. fixation and dehydration of cells
  3. sputter coating of dehyrdated cells
  4. scanning electron microscopy

Minimum Qualifications: 

  1. Cell Biology (Bio-326)
  2. Genetics (Bio-328)
  3. sterile technique for culturing cells
  4. meticulous attention to detail
  5. ability to accurately pipette small volumes