Project Title: Philosophical Profiles

Faculty Sponsor: Simon Cushing

Department: Philosophy



Project Description: Philosophical Profiles is a series of interviews with distinguished and influential philosophers working on a range of issues of interdisciplinary interest, from Political Philosophy, the rights and status of children, Bioethics, Sex and Gender, the nature of free will, personhood, right through to the physical structure of the universe. Each philosopher discusses his or her particular area of focus and how he or she became interested in that area in a way that should be accessible to a general audience. 

Production of Philosophical Profiles is under the aegis of the Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics. 

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Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  The student would be transcribing the videos of the interviews.  Philosophy Majors will be familiar with the particular philosophical terms and names of philosophers discussed and thus will be much better able to give an accurate transcription than someone to whom the subject matter is unfamiliar.

Minimum Qualifications: Philosophy major