Project Title: "Do As I Aay and Not As I Do": Paternal Promiscuity and its Effects on Adult Female Child(ren)’s Self-reported Levels of Promiscuity

Faculty Sponsor: Sasha Drummond-Lewis

Department: Sociology

Telephone: 810.762.3391


Project Description: The goal of this study is to determine whether a link exists between father's reported levels of promiscuity and subsequent levels of promiscuity amongst their adult female child. A survey instrument (questionnaire) for data collection will be created and distributed to adult female students on UM-Flint campus approximately fall of 2015. As this study is in its preliminary stages, an assistant is needed to locate appropriate empirical and theoretical literature relevant to the topic at hand. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Locate, read and summarize appropriate empirical literature related to paternal (or parental) and adult female promiscuity. 

Minimum Qualifications: Need to have successfully completed a college level statistics class and a theory class