Project Title: Assistant Stage Manager

Faculty Sponsor: Nicole Broughton

Department: Theatre & Dance



Project Description: I will be working as the Stage Manager several upcoming professional theatre productions and am looking for students to work with me to facilitate the day to day activities of the show as an assistant stage manager on these productions.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

All student assistant stage managers will be expected to attend rehearsals and production team collaboration meetings as well as performances of the show they are assisting on.  Conflicts may be worked out on a case by case basis.  Specific tasks vary from show to show but may include:

  • Pre-production script analysis and research
  • Facilitating communication between departments
  • Taking an active leadership role in running rehearsals
  • Running backstage during performances
  • Creating paperwork to record and communicate production plans
  • Show specific tasks as needed 

Minimum Qualifications: Students should have good communications skills and an understanding of how the rehearsal process works.  Experience working on University Productions, particularly in stage management is helpful.  A good attitude and enthusiasm for theatre production are a must.