Project Title: A Creative Work Titled: "Different Faces of Color."

Faculty Sponsor: Ernest Emenyonu

Department: Africana Studies

Telephone: 810.762.3353


Project Description: Over the past year, I began working on a collection of twelve short stories titled "My Mama Pays Your Taxes & Other Stories." The stories in the collection are set in different parts of the United States and Nigeria, exploring how environment and  acculturation inform  behavioral tendencies  resulting in intended and unintended prejudices and biases. After completing the fifth story, "What My Baby-Sitter and My Bishop Had in Common" which touched on some bi-racial sensitivities, it became clear to me that diverse human behaviors are more complex than racial or ethnic stereotyping.  Travels to places such as Peru,  Morocco,  Lebanon, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda,  England, Sri Lanka and Germany, resulted in a better, if complex, understanding of human behavior in multicultural situations and circumstances. I am now working on an intricate  expansion of the themes of race and ethnicity as major determinants of diverse attitudes in human relationships which were covered in "MY MAMA PAYS YOUR TAXES." The expanded volume titled " DIFFERENT FACES OF COLOR" comprises six additional  stories set in Lebanon, England, Germany and South Africa which shed more light on the complex relationship between environment, socialization, and ideology. It is a work of fiction with great revealing psychological insights into the hidden realities of how despite 'different faces of color' human beings are more similar than different, even if blinded to that reality  by circumstances.     

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  The student assistant will be responsible for typing, proof-reading and organizing the collection of stories as will be directed.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Computer literacy, ability to type with little supervision (from hand-written script), organizing documents, knowledge of photocopying, use of fax machines, and proof-reading with a high degree of accuracy.