Project Title: Can the Internet Be Addictive?

Faculty Sponsor: Julie Broadbent

Department: Psychology



Project Description: Numerous reports have documented excessive use of the Internet. Moreover, it is frequently suggested in the media that this excessive use constitutes a behavioral addiction. However, very few scientific studies have been conducted to determine if excessive use of the Internet is an addiction. The question this project will address is if excessive Internet use has the same characteristics as addiction to an abused drug. The project will use behavioral economic analyses to determine if Internet use can be modified by altering the cost to gain access to the internet. These analyses will be conducted via online surveys and face-to-face interviews with students. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Students working on this project will be responsible for helping to set up and run the experiments. This will involve creating online surveys, writing IRB protocols, meeting with research subjects, running data analyses and writing papers.

Minimum Qualifications: An interest in psychology based research, good organizational skills, and being reliable and responsible. Students will need to be on campus to run the experiments.