Project Title: Designing Technologies to Facilitate Art Gallery Visitors' Communication 

Faculty Sponsor: Charlotte Tang

Department: Computer Science



Project Description: This research aims to design and develop a mobile application to allow visitors at the Flint Institute of Arts to easily find out information about the exhibits and communicate their opinions towards the exhibits with each other inside or outside the gallery. The knowledge gained can then be used by the curator to more easily identify the needs of its patrons. For example, what exhibits are really interesting to the public? What information patrons would like to know about the exhibits? Whether and how patrons would like to comment or communicate with one another on the exhibits?

Contextual interviews will be conducted with FIA employees and patrons at the gallery. A survey will be available at the digital kiosk at the main entrance of the gallery, and will also be broadly distributed to FIA members. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student will help with data collection and analysis, as well as writing papers for publication.

Minimum Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have completed CSC/CIS 310 Human Computer Interaction. Other students with a good academic standing will also be considered.