Project Title: Children's Books - Communications Topics

Faculty Sponsor: Donna Ullrich

Department: Communications and Visual Arts

Telephone: 810.730.1590


Project Description: I have two manuscripts of children's books for young readers that focus on topics associated with communications skills and social interaction/confidence building. I am seeking students from the art programs (or other students with comparable skills) to illustrate and design the books for publication.

Book 1: Focuses on the Power of Words and learning how to use them

Book 2: Focuses on manners and how to interact with others 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: I am seeking art students or students who excel in illustration to work with me on illustrating these manuscripts for publication. I am also seeking a book design student to work with me on designing and layout out the book once the illustrations are completed.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Portfolio of illustration or graphic design work that speaks to the requirements of the work.