Project Title: Structural Health Monitoring for a Wind Turbine

Faculty Sponsor: Ming Li

Department: Computer Science, Engineering, Physics



Project Description: Wind turbines have to stand up to adverse weather conditions, such as high wind, lightening, snow, and so on. Cracks, debonding, delamination or other damages may develop due to aging, fatigue or loads. The objective of this project is to develop a structural health monitoring system to determine the health conditions of a wind turbine. Sensors will be attached on blades of a wind turbine to collect the vibration data; neural network and other algorithms will be utilized to identify and locate damages.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Design and prepare sample blades using 3D printer
  • Conduct experiments in different wind conditions
  • Collect vibration data and characterize health conditions
  • Document experiment results and prepare reports and papers

Minimum Student Qualifications: Be able to use 3D software to design test samples Be able to use Matlab to process and analyze data Previous experience in writing technical reports and research papers.