Project Title: Portrayer Robot

Faculty Sponsor: Ming Li

Department: Computer Science, Engineering, Physics



Project Description: Design and develop a robot which can draw portraits. The robot will be built using the Lego NXT Mindstorms.  Pictures will be taken and converted to black and white portraits which the robot will then draw on paper. Matlab and Simulink will be utilized to process images and control the robot arm to complete the drawing. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Design and build the robot arm using the Lego NXT Mindstorms
  • Convert raster images to vector images
  • Develop control strategy for the robot arm
  • Document the code and prepare reports and papers

Minimum Student Qualifications: Be able to use Matlab and Simulink for image processing and control Previous experience with Lego Mindstorms robots Previous experience in writing technical reports and research papers