Project Title: Design of an Insert for Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) for Simultaneous Measurement of Liquid-vapor Samples 

Faculty Sponsor: Frank Liu

Department: Computer Science, Engineering, & Physics



Project Description: This project aims to design a device that can be used as an insert to the FT-IR equipment in the MSB. The device needs to accommodate in-situ multi-component fuel evaporation experiments. The designed device should be able to freely measure the infrared absorption of both liquid and vapor phase which co-exist in a container. The measurements of liquid and vapor are switched by moving the relative of the container that are mounted on the insert. The infrared absorption measured from liquid and vapor at its equilibrium state gives the first access to the fuel constituents of the vapor that is vaporizing, as a transient process, from a liquid spray. This project is a sub-research project under Prof. Liu's liquid gasoline surrogate fuel combustion and evaporation. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

  1. Work with professors and technicians in Chemistry and understand the working principle of FT-IR.
  2. Work with technicians in Engineering and design the insert for FT-IR equipment that is useful for the project.Collect sample at specific time of evaporation.
  3. Work with students in Prof. Liu's project and modify the design as needed for new evaporation or combustion experiments.
  4. Regularly meet with Prof. Liu and discuss the challenges faces during the design process.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Junior standing
  • Major: Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or other STEM majors.
  • Previous lab experience.
  • Familiarity with CAD software like Creo Parametric.
  • Enthusiasm in fuel/combustion/energy research and willing to learn new techniques.