Project Title: Connect Michigan Broadband Analysis

Faculty Sponsor: Paula Nas

Department: Economics

Telephone: 810.762.3280


Project Description: This project is a collaborative effort between Connect Michigan and several community partners as part of a “Connected Community” broadband expansion program with the ultimate goal of becoming a Certified Connected Community.  A key part of this effort is to conduct an assessment of Genesee County’s existing broadband environment, including current internet service providers, broadband infrastructure, public computing centers, digital literacy programs, and examples of effective use of broadband technology.  Upon completion of the assessment, we’ll then develop a Technology Action Plan to address recognized needs and outline a strategy for continued broadband growth and utilization going forward.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  

Phase One of the Project is to create a survey using Qualtrics that will be emailed to community organizations so that we have an "inventory" of computer facilities that are available to the public as well as Internet-based services and applications that are provided within the community.

Phase Two will be to gather the data using the survey results and fill in any gaps in the inventory through research (either gathering the information online and contacting the providers directly).

Phase Three is to create a report summarizing the results for use by Connect Michigan. 

Minimum Student Qualifications: