Project Title: A multi-Agent system for search and rescue utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Allison

Department: Computer Science



Project Description: This project will investigate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in search and rescue efforts. More specifically we will be developing a multi-agent infrastructure whereby each UAV is capable of autonomy, communication and collaboration towards a mutual goal.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

  • Assists with academic research as applied to the development of complex software architecture.
  • Assists with duties related to the production of academic journals.
  • Meets regularly with supervisor to discuss research assignments.
  • Prepares literature reviews.
  • Gathers and analyzes data.
  • Manages and replies to project related correspondence
  • Attends project meetings

This list is not all inclusive, nor is every Research Assistant responsible for all of the above.  Duties and responsibilities are subject to modification at the discretion of the supervising instructor.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Java and the eclipse environment.