Project Title: Pathway Analysis of Combustion Reactions of Multi-component Fuels

Faculty Sponsor: Frank Liu

Department: Engineering



Project Description: 

Combustion of multi-component fuel mixtures can be very difficult to analyze in engine conditions where swirling and turbulence coupled with multi-component phase equilibrium between fuel liquid and vapor can significantly affect the combustion reactions themselves. The current interests of this project is to only look at the effects of initial fuel compositions, as a result of preferential fuel vaporization, on the first few steps of combustion reactions and hope to obtain some insights into the ignition of multi-component fuels. 
The objective of this project are:


  1. To take the chemical kinetics of gasoline and diesel surrogates that were developed and reduced by Lawrence Livermore National Labs and re-configure using Matlab or C++ programming techniques. 
  2. To perform numerical simulation of time-dependent combustion reactions with various initial fuel compositions in order to investigate the effects of fuel composition on the ignition process.

Possibility to developing numerical mechanisms that down-size the combustion kinetic model will be examined. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student's task is to use Matlab or C++ programming techniques to extract the chemical reaction constants, reactants and products from the posted set of combustion reactions (more than more than 1000). The student will perform numerical simulation of combustion reactions with given initial composition and summarize the ignition reactant pathways from the reactants, to a pool of combustion intermediates. The student is expected to meet with the faculty adviser regularly and effectively communicate and resolve the challenges encountered in these numerical efforts.

Minimum Student Qualifications: 

1. Junior or senior standing
2. Engineering or Computer Science majors
3. Profieciency in Matlab and C++