Project Title: Investigating the Design of Technologies To Enhance Group Collaboration

Faculty Sponsor: Charlotte Tang

Department: Computer Science

Telephone: 810.394.1483


Project Description: Group project work offers students an opportunity to practice working in a team, to be creative, to solve real-life problems, and to be critical. However, students often had difficulty in communicating with their fellow group members who may not be collocated. The current research aims to investigate what and how technologies should be designed for enhancing the communication among university students working on group projects.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The undergrad student research assistant is expected to work with the supervisor to analyze the data collected in a survey to investigate students’ current practices in group project collaboration. The RA will be guided to perform data analysis and involved in writing manuscript for publication. The RA may also be asked to read relevant literature as part of the manuscript preparation.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Experience with statistical analysis; Good writing skills.