Project Title: Mathematical Moments in Kindergarten Classrooms

Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Cunningham

Department: Education



Project Description: 

Research questions:
How do kindergarten teachers use mathematical moments to develop children’s mathematical understandings?

  1. What mathematics is addressed in the moments?
  2. What are mathematical moments?

Qualitative analysis, drawing on Grounded Theory tools, to analyze over 300 moments recorded on audio. Preliminary analysis has been done and more analysis with fresh perspective is important to move this project forward. Working to create a typology of the moments and then make recommendations for classroom teachers.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Transcribing and adding to description to the moments for further analysis.
Participating in a reanalysis of the moments.

Minimum Student Qualifications: 

  • Interest in thinking about kindergarten classroom interactions and the mathematics of kindergarten.
  • A willingness to delve into a large amount of raw qualitative data.
  • Previous experience with transcription would be wonderful but is not necessary.