Project Title: MVP: Mind and Voice Project

Faculty Sponsor: Aaron Cheek

Department: Emergency Department - University of Michigan Health Systems



Project Description: (Although this project is a part of the Emergency Department at UM Hospital, this study is located at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, MI)

Purpose: We want to learn more about the health behaviors of young adults who come to the Emergency Department (ED) for medical care by having young adults 18-25 participate in a survey. Health behaviors include physical and mental health, alcohol use, and conflict with others. The ultimate purpose of this study is to develop and improve prevention programs for young adults seen in Emergency Departments.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

-Mainly research data gathering utilizing Hurley's EPIC charting system and Microsoft Access.

Minimum Student Qualifications:

-Basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Office.
-A person that has the ability to comply with HIPPA patient privacy laws.
-Someone that's teachable.