Project Title: Early Childhood Community Centers (ECCP) at the Univeristy of Michigan-Flint

Faculty Sponsor: Toko Oshio

Department: Education

Telephone: 810.762.3260


Project Description: The UM-Flint Early Childhood Education faculty is dedicated to support the Early Childhood Community Centers (ECCP) as part of the Great Expectations Cummings expansion of our Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). Specifically, our aim is to support and enhance the professional working environment of the center by initiating research projects which will gain evidence-based knowledge and providing guidance and professional development regarding program implementation, grant and report writing. Currently, the center has implemented a variety of programs, and we would like to enhance each program by providing knowledge we gain from a review of literature.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Research assistant(s) closely work with ECE faculty to conduct a review of literature, and ECE faculty will provide specific guidance to conduct the literature review successfully. Research assistant(s) who are familiar with early childhood education, psychology, social-work, or community service fields are desirable. However, it is not required. Library and online search experiences are required. Research assistants will meet with ECE faculty regularly.

Minimum Student Qualifications: