Department of SOC/ANT/CRJ - Dr. Joan R. Mars

Degrees Earned:

Ph.D. (1996) Wayne State University, LEC (1981) Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, St. Augustine, Trinidad, LLB – Bachelor of Laws (1978) University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados.

Teaching Interests:

Global criminology, International and comparative criminal justice, Law and Society, Criminal Law.

Research and Other Interests:

Policing and the rule of law, Crime and justice in the Caribbean, Immigration and criminal justice policy, global criminology, international aid organizations and the protection of human rights.

Joan Mars is a Fulbright Scholar (2005-2006) and founding director of the Linden Legal Aid Center, Linden, Guyana (funded by UNICEF) and editor of the Center’s online quarterly newsletter "Legalines" available on the Center’s website at

Recent Publications:

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